Mystery ‘luminous’ UFOs swarm over Nellis AFB military base, researcher alleges

Alleged formation of ‘luminous’ UFOs approaching Nellis AFB. Pic credit: Anomalous Vegas/YouTube

A Las Vegas UFO researcher claims multiple sightings of mysterious UFOs in the sky near Nellis AFB Complex in Nevada.

UFO investigator Steve Barone shares footage of swarms of luminous UFOs allegedly buzzing in the skies over Las Vegas and the neighboring military base in Clark County.

He has observed intense UFO activity over Las Vegas and neighboring military bases. The intensity of the activity suggests that the operators might be interested in the goings-on at the U.S. Air Force Bases (AFBs)

Multiple videos Barone has shared on YouTube show alleged luminous objectts flying in tight formations over Las Vegas and the vicinity of the Nellis AFB.

Alleged luminous UFOs invisible to human eyes

Barone told to the Daily Star that the alleged UFOs were active at night in the sky over the city and the nearby military bases.

They seemed to be monitoring Nevada’s military bases, including the Nellis and the Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR), the location of the top-secret Area 51.

He claimed that most of the activity occurs at night. They were luminous aerial objects visible only on night vision cameras. They are not visible to unaided human eyes.

His night vision equipment allows him to monitor the activity at night. He wasn’t aware of their existence until he turned his night vision equipment skyward.

Are the UFOs alien craft?

Barone wasn’t sure who the aerial objects belonged to. He could not confirm that they were of extraterrestrial origin. But they regularly appear in the skies over Las Vegas and military bases.

They operate discreetly without drawing attention.

He suggested the UFOs probably have a secret base in the Mojave Desert.

Aliens may be monitoring Nellis AFB

Two-part footage Barone captured last month (see YouTube videos above) purportedly shows a formation of three luminous objects flying toward the Nellis AFB.

Barone believes Las Vegas has a high UFO traffic because of the nearby Air Force base. He believes they are spying on Nevada’s military bases, including the nuclear sites and Area 51.

Aliens allegedly monitoring U.S. nuclear test sites

It is not the first time someone has alleged that aliens are watching U.S. nuclear test sites.

Paranormal Papers reported that former Air Force veterans Robert “Bob” Salas and Dr. Robert “Bob” Jacobs claimed that alien UFOs sabotaged test launches and caused missile systems to malfunction at the Malmstrom Air Force Base (AFB) in Cascade County, Montana, and the Vandenberg Air Force Base in Santa Barbara County, California.

Salas, a former USAF officer, claimed that a glowing flying saucer that appeared over Malmstrom AFB’s Oscar Flight Launch Control Facility (LCF) in March 1967 shut down the missile launch systems.

USAF veteran Jacobs alleged that a disc-shaped aerial object sabotaged a test launch at Vandenberg AFB in 1964.

It shot a beam at the missile, causing it to veer off course.

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