Hunters discovered ‘Bigfoot tracks’ on Yadkin River bank, NC

Hunters exploring a remote bank of the Yadkin River in NC stumbled upon suspected Bigfoot tracks. Pic credit: John Thomas Didymus

Two hunters boating on the Yadkin River in North Carolina reported encountering Bigfoot tracks on a remote bank (see photo below). They stumbled upon the oversized humanoid tracks at an isolated spot near Game Lands, south of Mocksville.

The reporting witness, who identified as Cody, told the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization (RMSO) that the incident occurred on a cool morning a few years back.

Paranormal Papers earlier reported that a man claimed that while exploring his property, he encountered a Bigfoot that knocked him unconscious with a rock hurled against his head.

A charter boat captain also filmed a Nessie-like creature swimming in waters off the coast of Atlantic Beach, North Carolina.

Massive footprints miles away from human habitation

They found a small bank miles from the nearest human habitation or boat ramp and stopped to explore. While walking around, they spotted multiple humanoid tracks preserved in the mud.

There were two sets of tracks left in the mud after rainfall. One was smaller than the other, and both led straight into the river. The creature that left the smaller set seemed to have been tip-toeing.

Were the tracks human, it would have been reasonable to assume two people visited the area and left on a boat. But although the tracks were humanoid, they were not human.

Both were bigger and wider than regular human tracks. Besides, there were no signs in the sand that they pulled a boat up the bank.

Hunters exploring a remote bank of the Yadkin River in NC stumbled upon suspected Bigfoot tracks. Pic credit: via RMSO

Bigfoot or a hulking guy hunting barefoot?

Cody and his friend reckoned that the prints were either left by a massive humanoid creature, such as Bigfoot, or a big man hunting barefoot.

The second proposition didn’t seem to make any sense.

Cody noted that he was a big guy standing about 6 feet 2 inches tall, weighing 240 lbs, and wearing size 12 boots. He removed his boot and impressed his bare foot on the soft earth beside a print (see photo above).

The side-by-side comparison showed that the creature was much bigger and heavier than a 6-foot-2-inch guy.

Cody baffled by Bigfoot elusiveness

Cody was an outdoor person and a veteran hunter. It was not his first time encountering Bigfoot evidence in the wild.

He heard Sasquatch raising a commotion by wood knocking and tree felling as if trying to scare away humans hunting in their territory. He also had a rare encounter with a black panther in N. Carolina.

Cody thought it was baffling how a creature as large as Bigfoot managed to avoid capture on a trail camera. But despite his skepticism, he acknowledged that the tracks offered convincing evidence of a humanoid creature roaming undetected in the wild.

RMSO responded that Bigfoot has been captured on game cameras multiple times. People have also filmed them on various handheld devices. But they are smart enough to recognize an attempt to film them on a game camera. They avoid the area when they see the infrared sensor that triggers the device.

However, Cody may have been wondering because most of the claimed photographic and video evidence is low quality.

They probably also have a keen sense of smell and learn to move away or remain concealed when they detect human presence.

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