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The Myrtles Plantation

With a history of violence and scandalous activity, The Myrtles Plantation is one of Louisiana’s most-haunted places.

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History of The Myrtles Plantation

The plantation was built by General David Bradford (nicknamed “Whiskey Dave” due to his role in the Pennsylvania Whiskey Rebellion of the 1790s) in 1796 and is an incredible example of the architecture of the time. The house is said to be built on an Indian burial ground, but this has never been substantiated. Originally called Laurel House, the building is within 600 acres of land. General Bradford passed the house down to his son-in-law and it ended up being owned by Ruffin Gray Stirling and his family. It was then that the name was changed and it became known as the “Myrtles”. On Stirling’s death in 1854, his wife took the reins. She sought the help of an attorney called William Drew Winter to help her manage the vast property. Winter would later marry her daughter, Sarah. Winter was shot at the house in 1871. He died of his wounds and, to this day, his murder remains unsolved. Over the course of the next few decades, the house passed from owner to owner until coming into the possession of Marjorie Munson.  It was she who began to report that strange things were happening in the house. Since then, innumerable stories have been shared by owners and visitors alike. Today, the Myrtles Plantation is a B&B, offering guests a little piece of the paranormal as part of their stay.


The Ghost Girl

A teacher and her pupils were on a school trip and decided to take some photos at the Myrtles Plantation. When looking through the photos afterwards, the teacher came across a spine-chilling image. In the background, looking out of the window of the house, there seemed to be a young girl dressed in a long dress. A young girl died at the hands of a voodoo doctor in 1868, and some think that her spirit may be captured in the teacher’s photo. Legend has it that this girl now practices voodoo on anybody who falls asleep in her room… The photo itself has been examined by the Society for Psychical Research in London, England, which declared the photo to be authentic. Regardless of your opinion, it remains a chilling photo.

The Legend of Chloe: A Deadly Affair

A woman by the name of Chloe was a slave in the house in the 19th century. The story goes that she had an affair with the owner, Judge Clark Woodruff. When the affair ended, Chloe was worried that she might be sent away, so she began to spy on the family. Woodruff found her spying one day and, to punish her, he cut off her ear. Thereafter, she wore a green turban to hide her scars. With revenge uppermost in her mind, Chloe poisoned the family’s food. Woodruff himself did not eat the food, but his wife and two of his daughters did. They died in a matter of hours. Chloe’s fellow slaves found out about what she had done. In order to protect themselves, they hanged Chloe and unceremoniously threw her body into the Mississippi River. Chloe’s ghost is said to haunt the house, and even appears to be in a photograph taken in 1992. The National Geographic Explorer believed that it is in indeed Chloe in the photograph. Even today, visitors say they have seen a girl in a green turban… As for Woodruff’s wife and children? Well, they are said to be visible in a 200-year-old mirror in the parlor. There are also hand prints, which appear to be inside the mirror. No amount of cleaning has been able to remove these prints.

Mystery Killer

It is thought that up to ten murders have been committed in the Myrtles Plantation, but the best-known murder is that of the aforementioned William Drew Winter. Winter was shot while standing on the porch of the house. Apparently, he made it back inside the house and tried to climb the staircase. He died on the seventeenth step and, since then, many occupants of the house have reported hearing ghostly footsteps – footsteps that stop on the seventeenth step…

Interfering Spirits?

Guests have reported disturbances such as bedsheets being ripped off their bed during the night. Some people have been violently pushed out of their bed by an unseen entity or force, while others have told of beds that shake and levitate, broken clocks that start ticking, and portraits with changing expressions.

In the media

Unsolved Mysteries Season 12, Episode 20. Ghost Hunters Season 2, Episode 1 on Syfy Channel. Ghost Adventures Season 8, Episode 4 on Travel Channel.


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