‘First-ever footage’ of Nessie allegedly captured using thermal imaging tech

A team of researchers claimed they captured thermal footage of the Loch Ness Monster. Pic credit: Pixabay

A group claims they have captured the first-ever footage of the Loch Ness monster using thermal imaging technology.

According to Dragonfly Films spokesperson Tim Whittard, their team detected the heat signature of the legendary monster after they searched the lake at night using infrared thermal imaging drones.

The footage allegedly showed Nessie emerging from its underwater lair to prowl the banks of the lake under the cover of darkness.

However, the team did not share the footage. According to the Daily Star, the video will be shown during the season finale of the TV series Weird Britain to air later in the year.

Thermal drones detected a “large mass” near the shore

Thermal imaging technology detects the heat produced by an animal.

Whittard explained that their thermal imaging equipment detected Nessie in infrared. It picked up Nessie’s heat signature when it came to the surface.

Nessie appeared in the footage as a large mass approaching the shore.

“These thermal drones allowed us to see the loch in infrared. With this equipment we were able to see immediately if any animal breaks the water’s surface,” Whittard said, according to the Daily Star. “It did detect an unusual heat signature on one of the thermal imaging drones – a large mass near the shore.”

Dragonfly Films participated in the Big Search

Dragonfly Films, a production company, reportedly captured the thermal footage of the Loch Ness monster while participating in the recent Big Search for Nessie.

Paranormal Papers reported that the Loch Ness Centre in Drumnadrochit and a group called Loch Ness Exploration led the Big Search from August 26 to 27.

They promoted the event as the biggest organized search for the Loch Ness Monster since the 1970s.

While the Dragonfly Films team deployed thermal imagining drones, others used hydrophones to detect Nessie sounds.

A family reported sighting Nessie

The latest development comes amid a spate of reported Loch Ness Monster sightings.

Paranormal Papers reported that a family claimed they saw Nessie while vacationing in the Scottish Highlands.

Steve, his wife, and their children allegedly saw the elusive cryptid during an excursion on the famous lake. Steve snapped a photo showing a mysterious dark shape surfacing.

He showed the photo to the boat captain. The captain said it was one of the best he had seen. He urged the family to submit it to the Official Register of Loch Ness Monster Sightings.

A group of Nessie enthusiasts and explorers also reported that they discovered a network of underground caverns that could be the subterranean lair of the elusive lake monster.

TikToker Page Daley, who runs the @lochnessmonsterofficial page (Loch Ness Monster Fan Club), organized the group. She claimed the caverns had interlinking flood passages with multiple entrances and exits.

Daley added that the extensive underground system could explain why the monster has remained elusive.

However, the group declined to share the location of the entrance to the system because they were concerned that amateur divers might risk their lives trying to access it.

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