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The Pukwudgie is a legendary creature from Native American folklore, said to resemble a human but smaller and with slightly different features. The name means “person of the wilderness”.

Description of Pukwudgie

Pukwudgies are said to be diminutive creatures — imagine something similar in size to a troll or a small goblin and that will give you a good idea of its stature.

They look very similar to humans except their ears, fingers and noses are proportionately larger. Their skin is gray and smooth, and sometimes it glows.

Native American tribes have many and varied tales of this creature. According to these tales, the Pukwudgie is capable of both good and bad deeds.

These child-sized creatures can, some say, be helpful and kind to humans. Others say it is a troublemaker, prone to committing such acts as kidnapping and sabotage.

Pukwudgies are meant to have magical weapons and they use these weapons to defend themselves against any threats.

Pukwudgies are supposed to be able to disappear and reappear whenever they wish, transform into a half-human, half-porcupine, and create fire from nothing.

Some legends portray the Pukwudgie as a being who tricks and teases people – bothersome, certainly, but not necessarily life-threatening.

Other legends tell an altogether more disturbing story, with Pukwudgies shoving people off cliffs, causing various accidents, and even driving some people to take their own lives.

These dark legends arose from the war the Pukwudgies had with the Wampanoag tribe (according to legend). The tribe had great affection for their benefactor Maushop the giant, and the Pukwudgies’ attempts to help the tribe were interpreted as being irksome.

The tribe asked Maushop to rid them of the perceived nuisance, so Maushop threw the Pukwudgies out of the area, killing many in the process.

The survivors were angry and mounted an attack on the tribe, burning their houses, killing the adults and kidnapping the children. Maushop sent his five sons to fight the small creatures, but they killed all five.

Enraged, Maushop and his wife resolved to kill the Pukwudgies. It is believed the Pukwudgies tricked Maushop into a vulnerable position, thus enabling them to kill him, but there are differing versions of the story.

Pukwudgie Sightings

A woman named Joan was walking her dog along a path in the Freetown State Forest, Massachusetts when, out of the blue, her dog bolted off into the forest, dragging her along.

When the dog stopped running, Joan found herself face to face with a small creature. He was about two feet high, with pale gray skin and very short legs. His lips were large and he had a canine-like nose.

Joan and the creature stared at each other until the dog pulled Joan back to the path.

This in itself was very unsettling, but to make matters worse the creature would appear at Joan’s window in the middle of the night and wake her up. These nocturnal visits stopped when Joan moved away from the area.

Meanwhile, a man called Tom says he has seen a Pukwudgie on two occasions. The first was when he was walking through the Freetown State Forest one night.

He saw a glow in front of him, a glow which seemed to swell as if it were breathing. Tom followed this glow until it vanished.

Turning around, he saw a two-feet-tall creature covered in fur and with a nose like a wolf. The creature ran off, emitting an eerie moan as it did so.

Tom’s second meeting with what he believes was a Pukwudgie was in the Freetown State Forest’s parking lot. He had parked his car, put the radio on and was enjoying the solitude when he saw the same creature he had seen in the woods.

Being only 20 feet away, Tom recognized the creature instantly and noted its eyes were glowing red. Tom says his car’s engine turned on by itself and the radio began to blare. Panicked, he drove home at speed.


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