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The Owlman is, as you would expect, a hybrid of man and owl and is said to frequent Cornwall, England. Some researchers believe he was created as a counterpart to the USA’s Mothman. A supervillain of the same name also appears in comic books published by DC Comics.

Description of Owlman

Unlike the vast majority of cryptids, the Cornish Owlman has no lore or legend attached to him, and was said to have been seen in a specific area for only a short period of time, although a couple of subsequent sightings have been made.

The creature was mostly seen from 1976 to 1978 and a number of the sightings appear to have been made by young girls.

From eyewitness accounts, Owlman was said to be around 6 feet tall with glowing red eyes and makes a hissing noise. He is sometimes seen flying, which would appear to rule out the theory that he is a man in a costume.

As more sightings were reported, more details of Owlman emerged. He was said to have pointed ears, clawed feet, and was partially feathered, with the feathers a silvery gray colour.

The purported sightings of Owlman took place at a time when Cornwall was seemingly experiencing a very strange time in its history. There were reports of animals behaving oddly (cats, birds and dogs were supposedly attacking people), UFO sightings increased significantly, and the weather apparently became extremely unpredictable.

Some believe Owlman was an alien of some kind, or possibly a pet that had escaped from an alien ship.

As well as all this, Mawnan Old Church, where Owlman was frequently seen, is on a ley line —ancient ‘paths’ connecting prehistoric or ancient sites of cultural significance — fueling the whole debate about what caused the strange events and where Owlman came from.

In the DC Comics, Owlman was created as an evil counterpart for Batman.

Owlman Sightings

Many people have said they have seen Owlman in Mawnan Woods or the cemetery at Mawnan Old Church in Cornwall, England.

Although Owlman was mainly active from 1976 to 1978, sporadic sightings have been reported since.

The first recorded sighting was on April 17 1976 by June and Vicky Melling. They say they saw a feathered birdman hovering over Mawnan Old Church. They were so shaken by their experience that the family cut their holiday short and returned home.

Sally Chapman and Barbara Perry had an encounter with Owlman in July of the same year while camping in the woods near the church. They related their story to Tony Shiels, who had already written about June and Vicky’s encounter and who may have coined the name Owlman, and said that they initially thought it was someone playing a joke on them.

However, as they approached the figure it launched itself up into the air and the girls screamed. Apparently, it had a horrible owl-like face and big red eyes. They noted its gray wings, black legs and large mouth.

A further sighting was made by a Miss Opie two years later. She saw a monster-like figure flying through the trees near Mawnan Old Church.

Shortly afterwards, three French girls attested to seeing the creature. Their landlady contacted Tony, who tried to speak to the girls about their experience. Sadly, the girls did not respond to Tony’s request.

The Owlman sightings are, perhaps slightly suspiciously, linked to Tony Shiels, who actually came in for a lot of media criticism. He maintains the accounts are real and he has nothing to do with the sightings.

There are, however, two accounts that do not involve Tony. The first account comes from Gavin and Sally (not their real names), who describe seeing a creature standing on a branch of a tree. This creature had wings, black legs with high ankles, and was gray in color. They also remember its glowing eyes.

The creature saw them and began to move its head backwards and forwards before lifting its wings and jumping backwards. As it did so, its legs folded up. At this point, Gavin and Sally turned and ran.

Intriguingly, Gavin and Sally’s encounter was in 1989, some years after the initial spate of reports. A further report was made in 1995 by a marine biology student who preferred to remain anonymous. The student’s description tallied with all the previous reports.

In 2014, Scottish filmmaker Lawrie Brewster set up a prank in St Mary’s Hospital near Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland, where he filmed urban explorers having an encounter with ‘Owlman’, who was actually a person dressed in a papier-mache suit.


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