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Why are reports of hybrid cyptids rising?

hybrid cyptids rising

Why are there increasing reports of hybrid cryptids?

Paul Seaburn recently wrote an article for Mysterious Universe, where he speculates that there is a rise in hybrid cryptids.

He mentions the ‘bird fish’ found in the Guizhou province of southwestern China, that looked like a cross between a bird and a fish.  The creature’s appearance suggests some sort of deformity, but that in itself does not mean it is a cryptid or even a hybrid. Indeed many people have pointed out that a simple DNA test would clear up reports like this fairly quickly.

He also mentions the massive wolf-like creature video that has been circulating the internet recently. People have speculated that it could be either a prehistoric dire wolf, or the legendary Dogman- half human and half wolf or dog. This was a very negative encounter for the witness, as his dog was attacked by the creature. Though the video itself was labelled as a large timber wolf, which do grow to a massive size in the region.

There was also another canid creature that was shot in Montana last month. Montana Fish and Wildlife staff investigated it and took pictures, which led some of them to believe that it wasn’t just a wolf. They said its front feet were too short, so were its teeth, and they said its ears were too big. People have been speculating that it’s a wolf-dog hybrid or a Dogman.

He notes that investigators from Phantoms and Monsters are currently following up on three reports of upright canine or Dogman sightings in Pennsylvania. Site owner, Lon Strickler, has also been reporting on a string of flying humanoid sightings, like the Mothman, that have been reported around the Chicago area.

In the scientific community there has also been worrying reports of increases in cross-breeding amongst species, as climate change and human destruction of habitat pushes wild animals into other areas or even increases their chances of breeding with domestic animals.

Scientists in German have been warning about the problem of wolves interbreeding with dogs and creating ‘wolf-dog puppies,’ which could pose a danger to humans. These verified hybrids tend to be less shy of humans than wolves, but are still wilder and more aggressive.

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