Congress could cut pay of Pentagon chiefs over UFO coverup, Rep. Luna threatened

Representative Anna Paulina Luna reportedly threatened that Congress would cut the pays of Pentagon chiefs over alleged UFO coverup. Pic credit: PBS NewsHour/YouTube

Representative Anna Paulina Luna, a member of the House Oversight subcommittee investigating UAPs, vowed to end the alleged UFO coverup by the government.

According to the Daily Mail, the representative from Florida also threatened that Congress would cut the pay of the Pentagon officials if they refused to cooperate with the effort to uncover the truth behind whistleblower allegations that the government was in the custody of alien spacecraft recovered from crash sites.

Luna vowed to end the alleged UFO coverup after she and a group of members of the House Oversight Committee sent a letter to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy requesting that he set up a Select Committee to investigate UAPs (read the full text of the letter here).

The members of Congress who sent the letter included Representatives Tim Burchett, Matt Gaetz, Anna Paulina Luna, and Jared Moskowitz.

They proposed that the Select Committee would have the authority to subpoena witnesses and tackle the issue of government overclassification of UAP records.

Select Committee to subpoena officials with knowledge of UFO programs

The representative from Florida reportedly wants the Department of Defense (DoD) to make classified documents, images, and footage related to UAPs available to the House Oversight Committee.

They also want the names of officials involved in the alleged secret UFO retrieval and reverse-engineering program. She vowed that Congress would get to the bottom of the coverup and expose the officials behind it.

The members of Congress pushing for Speaker McCarthy to establish a Select Committee to investigate UAPs believe it will empower them to work for full UFO disclosure.

She said that if McCarthy granted the request, they would subpoena people with firsthand knowledge of the alleged government secret program.

Luna added that they were committed to the goal because UFO disclosure could save lives.

Congress wants to strengthen whistleblower protection laws

Luna said they also wanted to investigate allegations that some senior government officials targeted the former intelligence officer David Grusch with threats and reprisals after he came forward as a UAP whistleblower.

She said that the alleged behavior of the senior officials was moblike and did not reflect the ideals of a republic.

Congress would aim to strengthen existing whistleblower protection laws to serve as a deterrent for top senior officials who threatened whistleblowers with reprisals.

Luna threatened Pentagon officials with defunding

Rep. Luna said that if Pentagon officials refused to cooperate, they would go after them where it hurts most by cutting their salaries.

She argued that Congress had the power to cut the pay of officials involved in concealing information relevant to national security.

“We pay these people’s salaries, we’re paying into these programs billions of dollars and yet they don’t want to share this information. I just disagree with that,” the Daily Mail reported she said.

Congressman Ogles threatened to initiate the Holman rule

The latest development comes after Paranormal Papers reported that Representative Andy Ogles from Tennessee said that the testimony of the witnesses at the congressional hearing proved that UAPs were a threat to national security.

Ogles added that he would personally volunteer to initiate the Holman Rule against government officials who tried to block Congress access to classified UAP information relevant to national security.

“As members of Congress, we have a responsibility to maintain oversight and be aware of these activities so that if appropriate, we take actions,” he said, according to Paranormal Papers. “I would encourage the chairman to demand that we have [Grusch and others] talk to us in a SCIF.”

“If [SCIF access] is denied, I would personally volunteer to initiate the Holman Rule against personnel or any program or any agency that denies access to Congress,” he concluded.

The Holman Rule empowers the House of Representatives to reduce funding for government programs, cut remuneration, and fire federal employees through amendments to the appropriations legislation.

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