Mystery of the Turkish cemetery ‘Crying Girl’ has been solved

Since April, people  have been talking online about the ‘Crying Girl’ who repeatedly made an appearance in a Turkish cemetery. Employees of Ulu Mezarlik (Great Cemetery) in Corum, Turkey, reported seeing a 15-18-year-old girl in black clothing, with red shoes, crying and talking to herself in the cemetery. The appearances happened around 4:00 A.M. 5 … Read more

City in Florida sends out extreme zombie activity alert

Sunday, at around 1:45am,  a cell phone message was sent out to alert citizens of a power outage in the Lake Worth area of Florida, but it also contained a zombie alert. Approximately 7,880 people received an alert warning of “extreme zombie activity”. The alert read “zombie alert for residents of Lake Worth and Terminus”. … Read more

Watch: Ghost caught on surveillance camera in Trstenik, Serbia

What appears to be a ghost was caught on camera in Trstenik, Serbia, with the incident being caught on surveillance cameras at the police station. Immediately prior to the incident on camera, a woman came into the police station, saying that she had been being followed by what she thought was a ghost. And then, … Read more

Brad Steiger dies: Paranormal legend passes away at age of 82

Paranormal legend Brad Steiger has passed away at the age of 82. Steiger, both a radio and podcast host and writer, investigated, talked and wrote about a plethora of interesting paranormal topics. He was widely known and respected in the paranormal world and had many fans. Steiger died on May 6th, 2018, at the Muse … Read more

Hotel Leger episode of Ghost Adventures to investigate saloon’s creepy goings on

The Travel Channel’s hit paranormal investigation show, Ghost Adventures, went to Mokelumne Hill, California, recently to investigate the Hotel Leger’s paranormal activity. The results of Zak Bagans and the crew’s investigation of the hotel will air on June 16th. That’s quite a while to wait but in case you’re curious, here’s some interesting history of the … Read more