Brazilian family allegedly filmed 10ft-tall humanoid aliens on a hill

The alleged 10-foot-tall alien on a Brazilian hilltop. Pic credit: Sara Dalete via Independent/YouTube

A family hiking in Brazil said they filmed two 10-foot-tall humanoid creatures they believed were aliens.

Sara Dalete claimed that she and her family sighted the strange beings while hiking in Ilha do Mel, an island (aka Honey Island) off the coast of Parana State, Southeast Brazil (see video below).

Dalete and her family filmed the “aliens” and shared the footage on social media.

The latest alleged alien sighting comes after police in Miami denied rumors that 8-10ft tall shadow aliens invaded the Bayside Marketplace shopping center on New Year’s Day.

Conspiracy theories said police shut down the mall and tried to hide the truth about the alleged incident from the public.

Aliens enjoying the countryside scenery from a hilltop?

The witness said they saw two humanoid creatures standing on a hilltop with their figures silhouetted against the sky.

They filmed the creatures from the foot of the hill. They could not climb to the top to get a closer look. Thus, they relied on what they could discern from a distance and the evidence from the video (see video above).

The first of the two strange figures appeared taller than the other. It looked human but much taller than average. The hikers estimated the height of the taller one at about 10 feet.

The figure looked lanky with spindly arms. It seemed to be surveying the surrounding area from the hilltop.

Reactions on social media

Many viewers on various social media platforms were skeptical of the claim that the creatures were aliens. Most believed they were humans even though they looked weird.

“It is a human,” one person said.

“That’s just humans,” a second agreed.

“Straight up that just looks like a dude holding a phone,” a third chimed in.

Others only denied they were aliens.

“I don’t understand how anyone can conclude it’s an alien,” a skeptic reacted.

Some thought they were pranksters. A YouTuber suggested they were puppets.

“The one at the top of the hill… look closely there’s a thin stick holding up its arms… it is basically some big puppet what a joke,” another skeptic commented.

A believer tried to link the incident with the alleged sighting of 10-foot-tall aliens in Miami.

“The case happened a few hours apart from the incident in Miami,” the believer commented.

A Parana State official reacted

The UK’s Daily Star reported that the Parana State authorities reacted to the news of the alleged sighting.

“Our summer is from another world,” an official joked. “Even strange beings come here to enjoy our coastline.”

South America is an alien sighting hotspot

Claims of close encounters of the third kind are common in Brazil and the rest of South America.

Paranormal Papers reported an alleged mass alien sighting in Varginha, Brazil.

Locals claimed they saw aliens after a UFO crashed in 1996. Three frightened sisters told their parents they saw a dark, sinister-looking alien hiding behind a wall during a downpour.

Others claimed the aliens killed animals at the local zoo. People also shared rumors that a young military intelligence officer died suddenly after handling an alien body.

However, the authorities dismissed the stories as due to mistaken identity and mass hysteria.

Villagers in Amazonian Peru also reported that 7-foot-tall aliens in body armor terrorized them. The alleged aliens flew through the jungle in high-tech hovercrafts and UFOs.

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