Bigfoot-like footprints in New Mexico woods leave skeptic baffled

A skeptic shared photos of Bigfoot prints discovered in northern Mexico woods. Pic credit: David Trujillo via Bigfoot Believers/Facebook

Earlier this week, Facebook user David Trujillo shared photos of giant Bigfoot-like footprints he found in the woods in northern New Mexico on the Bigfoot Believers Facebook page.

He explained that he was scouting for an elk hunt in northern New Mexico when he stumbled upon the footprints in a spot miles away from the nearest road and trails in all directions.

Bigfoot-like prints belonged to a bipedal creature

Trujillo reported that he found two tracks of the oversized footprints that likely belonged to a bipedal creature. They were imprinted deep in loose but non-muddy soil.

He found no claw marks in the prints.

Trujillo is a “huge skeptic”

The discovery left Trujillo baffled. He had never believed in Bigfoot or other alleged cryptid species such as the Mogollon Monster or skunk apes.

He described himself as a veteran hunter who could identify various animal tracks, but he had never seen anything comparable.

“I’ve spent most of my life hunting and hiking in the wilderness. I thought I’ve seen or could explain just about anything,” he wrote. “This one has me a little baffled.”

“By the way, I am a huge skeptic. Have to see it to believe it!” he added.

Alleged Sasquatch footprint in northern New Mexico. Pic credit: David Trujillo via Bigfoot Believers/Facebook

Photo showed gigantic humanoid prints in the soil

Trujillo shared two photos on the Bigfoot Believers Facebook page.

The first shows a humanoid footprint in loose soil. He commented that it was more visible in real life than they looked in the photo.

He outlined the print in a second photo to make it more visible to viewers.

“I outlined what was more visible to me, the picture doesn’t do it justice,” he wrote.

Believers and skeptics reacted on Facebook

The photos received a mixed reaction. Some users were skeptical, but others believed the evidence.

“That there is a bigfoot track,” one believer exclaimed.

“Looks like a legit squatch track to me,” another wrote.

“Awesome, nice find!!” a third said.

Some believers even claimed they should see a Bigfoot face in the print!!

Skeptical Reactions on Facebook

The photos also elicited reactions from skeptical Facebook users.

Some suggested it was a bear print. But others noted there weren’t claw marks.

Another said it was likely the effect of erosion. The user said they had seen similar wind erosion patterns in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

One user wondered why many people posted only one footprint photo since Bigfoots are supposed to be bipedal.

“Why is there always just one?” the Facebook user inquired.

“Again… one footprint… this guy must get tired of hopping,” another wrote sarcastically.

Trujillo explained there were many prints, but only one appeared on a small patch of soft soil. Grass and rock on firmer ground obscured the others.

“There were two then the dirt turned to grass and rock,” Trujillo explained.

Another person wanted to know how many prints he saw.

He said there were other prints, but the terrain changed into grass and rock ahead.

“We saw a lot of elk and deer tracks, but all were weeks or months old,” he continued. “This was the only fresh track we found in the area, appeared to be only a couple days old.”

But skeptics insisted they did not find the evidence convincing. They argued that since there were other footprints, he should have photographed them.

“There has to be more than 2. Gotta be fake if there’s only one or 2,” one skeptic commented.

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