Bigfoot-like creature allegedly captured on camera sitting on steep side of a ridge

Alleged Bigfoot-like creature sitting on the side of a ridge at Zion National Park, Utah. Pic credit: Gregg Scevoli via Bigfoot Believers/YouTube

A Facebook user recently shared photos on the Bigfoot Believers page purportedly showing a “gorilla-shaped mass” sitting on the steep side of a ridge at Zion National Park, Utah.

Gregg Scevoli believes the mysterious gorilla-shaped mass might have been a Bigfoot surveying the surrounding terrain from near the top of the ridge.

“Gorilla-shaped mass” on side of ridge could be Bigfoot

Scevoli shared the photos on the Big Believer’s Facebook on September 4.

He explained that while at the Zion National Park, Utah he snapped two photos of a ridge 30 seconds apart from different positions.

A closeup of the first photo seemingly reveals a mysterious figure sitting or squatting on the steep side near the top of the ridge. The dark figure is missing in the second photo.

He also shared an overhead shot of the ridge showing the steep side where the alleged creature was sitting.

A comparison of the photos suggested to Scevoli that the first photo might have shown a humanoid creature observing the surrounding terrain from a vantage point. But it moved from the position before he snapped the second photo. The creature was possibly a Bigfoot.

“I just got back from Zion Utah. Pictures were taken about 30 seconds apart and about 40-50’ over and I think I got out and walked across the road for shot 2,” Scevoli wrote. “The last picture is overhead of the exact spot he was sitting. There’s no huge natural formation in that exact spot. Let me know what you think.”

Facebook user Gregg Scevoli snapped a photo that seemed to show a Bigfoot sitting or squatting on the side of a ridge. Pic credit: Gregg Scevoli via Bigfoot Believers/YouTube

Skeptics reacted

Some Facebook users did not believe the photo showed a Bigfoot.

One Facebook user suggested that the dark mass might have been a shrub growing on the side of the ridge.

According to the user, the shrub disappeared from view around the curved side of the ridge when Scevoli changed position to take a second photo.

“The angles are different, as you moved further over the figure naturally disappears around the curve,” the user wrote. “I think it is a shrub, the same as the others on the mountain side.”

However, Scevoli argued that the mass wasn’t a shrub because there was no sign of one in the overhead shot.

“It’s very possible I stepped out of view,” Scevoli responded. “But the overhead doesn’t show anything that massive in that spot.”

Humanoid figure not Bigfoot but human, some suggested

Other viewers agreed with Scevoli that the photo likely showed a humanoid creature on the ridge. However, some thought it not a Bigfoot but a human being.

“Yep. Looks like a person sitting there,” one user responded.

“Seems more likely to be a human than Bigfoot,” a second user commented.

But Scevoli countered suggestions it was a human on the side of the ridge by pointing out that the figure was too wide, massive, solid, and black.

He also claimed that he experimented with his camera by taking pictures of people from a distance. He said that the alleged dark figure looked different from humans.

“From a distance people look very thinned out in pictures when out of focus. But I could still see blue shirt, black hat and other features,” he argued. “This was solid black mass. Wide.”

“Credible evidence” of Bigfoot?

However, some viewers thought the photo offered “credible evidence” of Bigfoot.

“The proportions look correct, and that certainly looks like an arm on the left,” one user said.

“I would say this is credible evidence,” another reacted.

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