Mystery of the Turkish cemetery ‘Crying Girl’ has been solved

Since April, people  have been talking online about the ‘Crying Girl’ who repeatedly made an appearance in a Turkish cemetery. Employees of Ulu Mezarlik (Great Cemetery) in Corum, Turkey, reported seeing a 15-18-year-old girl in black clothing, with red shoes, crying and talking to herself in the cemetery. The appearances happened around 4:00 A.M. 5 … Read more

Video of ‘Chinese Nessie’ is going viral

A video of the ‘Chinese Nessie’ was first uploaded on Sina Weibo, a microblogging site, and its since been making rounds on various social media platforms and has people wondering what on earth it is. A tourist captured the footage while visiting Kanas Lake in the Xinjiang Province of China. In the video, a large, … Read more

Champ lake monster documentary coming in June

Small Town Monsters is scheduled to release “On the Trail of… Champ” in June. The series follows researchers and investigators Scott Mardis, William Draginis, and Katy Elizabeth as they search for Champ. “On the Trail of…” is shot in a documentary style. They shot it as they were investigating the lake last Summer. It relies … Read more

Officials are puzzled by wolf-like creature that was shot in Montana

Wildlife officials in Montana are completely baffled by a wolf-like creature that was shot dead, mostly because they have no idea what it actually is. The creature was shot on a family ranch near Denton, Montana. One of the only things that they’re in agreement on is the fact that the landowner had the right … Read more

City in Florida sends out extreme zombie activity alert

Sunday, at around 1:45am,  a cell phone message was sent out to alert citizens of a power outage in the Lake Worth area of Florida, but it also contained a zombie alert. Approximately 7,880 people received an alert warning of “extreme zombie activity”. The alert read “zombie alert for residents of Lake Worth and Terminus”. … Read more

UFO spotted on Google Maps over volcano in Hawaii

A photo from Google Maps shows what looks like a UFO over Kilauea in Hawaii. We don’t know what the date or time the image was captured or what speed the object was travelling at. Neither do we know if the photographer noticed the object in the sky whilst the images were being taken. Self-proclaimed … Read more