UFO hunter James Fox offers $100,000 for credible evidence

UFO hunter James Fox is offering $100,000 to anyone who can provide him with credible evidence of the existence of UFOs. Fox, a U.S. citizen, is currently engaged on a speaking tour of Australia and is using this opportunity to publicise his offer, including during an interview on Channel 9. This is not the first … Read more

AlienCon 2018 tickets on sale now!

Every year AlienCon brings together those fascinated by ancient alien theories and paranormal events. Inspired by the series Ancient Aliens, AlienCon 2018 will bring together experts from the show, including Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, William Henry and David Childress. There will also be a wide selection of authors, scientists and archeologists. The panels will discuss the … Read more

Futuro UFO home can be yours for a price

If you’ve ever fancied having your very own UFO to hang out in or even live in, then this amazing UFO home for sale in New Zealand might be just the thing. The spaceship-like building was actually designed in the 1960s by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen, who was looking to create pre-fabricated ski chalets that … Read more

UFO Seekers climb 8000 feet for glimpse of Area 51

UFO Seekers have wanted to get a good look at the secret government installation, Area 51, so they climbed up a nearby peak to attain some snaps. Tim Doyle and Tracey Sue run the YouTube channel UFO Seekers and decided that they wanted a better look at the mysterious United States Air Force facility known … Read more