Aliens with ‘technical supremacy’ of concern to investigators, Pentagon official admits

Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, the official who heads Pentagon’s AARO, admitted that their analysts were concerned about extraterrestrials with “technical supremacy.” Pic credit: miontorus/YouTube

Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, the scientist leading the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) tasked with investigating UFOs, said that a primary concern of Pentagon analysts is the possibility of encountering evidence of extraterrestrial technology more advanced than ours.

During an exclusive interview with ABC News, Kirkpatrick warned about the risk of missing the evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence and thus being unprepared for an encounter with “intelligent or extraterrestrial technical supremacy.”

However, analysts still have to resist the temptation of jumping to conclusions from flimsy evidence or indulging in flights of fancy. They have to restrict themselves to the empirical evidence from available data.

Belief that all UAPs are extraterrestrial is a misconception

Kirkpatrick talked about avoiding the error of assuming that all UAP or UFO phenomena have extraterrestrial origins. According to the UFO expert, the misconception that all UFOs have extraterrestrial origins was common but mistaken.

Pentagon investigators avoid the error by conducting a rigorous case-by-case analysis of UAP phenomena. Investigators study each case and try to match it with known objects from their catalog.

Before they set a case aside as resolved, they subject it to rigorous peer review to ensure consensus regarding its identification with known objects or phenomena.

The process of identifying UAPs thus requires extensive and detailed data.

Competing alternatives to the extraterrestrial hypothesis

Paranormal Papers reported that Congressman Mike Gallagher acknowledged competing theories or hypotheses about the origin of UFOs besides the extraterrestrial hypothesis.

Other theories he listed included the Traveler or Terminator hypothesis, Ancient Civilization or Silurian, Transformers, and the Adversarial Nation Hypotheses.

The Adversarial Nation Hypothesis is the favorite explanation in official circles. Gallagher described it as the “worst-case scenario.”

The theory suggests that UAPs are experimental craft belonging to rival powers such as China and Russia.

U.S. officials have admitted they were concerned that UAPs could be Soviet, Russian, or Chinese spy machines.

Most UAPs are ‘readily explainable’

The AARO honcho noted that an insight gained from experience investigating a wide variety of UAP phenomena was that most cases were “readily explainable.” Only about 2.5% of the total cases proved inexplicable.

An example of a UFO sighting that has defied explanation involved U.S. Navy Cmdr. David Fravor (ret.). Fravor and Lt. Cmdr. Alex Dietrich (ret.) encountered the UFO during a training mission with the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group. They described the alleged UFO as a white tic-tac-looking object.

But even though most UFO sightings were explainable, Pentagon analysts do not spare any effort to ensure they have correctly identified the object before setting the case aside as resolved.

He noted that most cases involved common aerial objects such as balloons, drones, birds, and debris.

He cited a 2019 incident in which Navy personnel reported sighting a glowing, triangle-shaped UFO flying over their ship off the coast of California.

Footage (see below) showed a flashing triangle-shaped object hovering over a Navy warship.

Kirkpatrick explained that investigation later showed that the alleged triangle-shaped UFOs were drones. They were mistaken for UFOs due to night-vision goggles distorting their appearance.

Paranormal Papers reported that investigators claimed that the April 2021 mass sighting of a black triangle-shaped UFO over Camp Wilson military base in California was due to flares.

Camp Wilson is part of the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC), also known as 29 Palms, in San Bernardino County, California.

Sen. Gillibrand announced full funding for AARO

Kirkpatrick’s comments come after Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand reported that she led a bipartisan group of 16 senators, including Senator Marco Rubio, to secure “full funding” for the AARO.

The group of 16 senators included Senator Mark Warner (D) from Virginia, Lindsey Graham (R) from South Carolina, Amy Klobuchar (D) from Minnesota, and John Hickenlooper (R) from Colorado.

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