‘8-10ft-tall shadow aliens’ DID NOT invade Miami mall: Police deny rumor

A viral rumor alleged that 8-10ft-tall aliens invaded a Miami mall. Pic credit: Pixabay

Police in Miami released a statement denying a social media rumor that “8-10ft-tall shadow aliens” invaded a mall in Miami.

The authorities released the statement after a video purportedly showing an alien at a Miami Mall went viral on Twitter. However, the video only showed police officers responding to a disturbance earlier on New Year’s Day at the Bayside Marketplace shopping center.

The heavy police presence at the mall sparked speculation about what was happening there. Alien and UFO conspiracy theorists joined the conversion. They claimed the police shut down the mall after giant “shadow aliens” invaded.

Others alleged that the city authorities shut down the mall to cover up alien evidence.

Paranormal Papers reported in June 2023 that a viral Facebook rumor also claimed, falsely, that aliens abducted 30 children in Ohio.

Conspiracy theorists claimed video showed a shadow alien

The bizarre claims about aliens at the mall spread quickly on social media after some viewers claimed that a blurry but widely circulated video showed a giant “shadow alien” walking past police squad cars at the entrance to the mall.

Skeptical social media users quickly debunked the allegation. They pointed out that higher-quality videos proved that the video did not show a giant alien but three police officers walking side-by-side.

However, blurry copies appeared to show a tall creature walking along.

Miami police responded

Claims that the video showed giant aliens walking on the mall premises sparked mild panic. Conspiracy theorists began spreading allegations that the authorities were trying to cover up an alien invasion.

The speculation gained traction, forcing the Miami Police to respond on Friday.

According to NBC Miami, the police released a statement assuring members of the public that the authorities were not hiding anything from them.

“Nothing is being withheld from the public,” the police said, according to the news outlet.

They explained that they were only responding to a disturbance at the mall. It reportedly involved rowdy youths setting up fireworks and brawling on the mall premises. The disturbance reportedly scared people away from the mall and disrupted business activity.

The police tried to reassure people that it was safe to return to the mall.

“There were no aliens, UFOs, or ETs. No airports were closed. No power outages,” the police said, according to Forbes.

The latest incidence comes after Paranormal Papers reported that a teenage girl in Peru shared details about her terrifying encounter with alleged 7-foot-tall aliens.

The girl, a member of a tribe native to a remote region of Peru in the Amazonian forest, claimed that aliens tried to kidnap her. However, Peruvian investigators said that they were members of a criminal cartel illegally mining gold in the forest region.

A Las Vegas family also claimed they saw a 10-foot-tall alien in their backyard.

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