‘7ft-tall aliens’ terrorizing villagers could be ‘humans with reverse-engineered tech’

A villager sketches a UFO the 7-foot-aliens piloted. Pic credit: Timothy Alberino/YouTube

A researcher visited villagers in a remote region of the Peruvian Amazon to investigate alleged attacks by “7-foot-tall aliens.” He concluded they could be “nefarious humans with reverse-engineered alien tech.”

In a report recently shared on YouTube (see video below), investigator Timothy Alberino questioned claims by police that the attackers were jetpack-equipped illegal gold miners attempting to scare the villagers off their land.

He claimed he found convincing evidence that the entities terrorizing the Ikito people of San Antonio de Pintuyacu and surrounding villages were a sinister group equipped with advanced technology.

He hypothesized that they could be black ops agents working with intelligent non-human or extraterrestrial species and with access to reverse-engineered alien tech.

Villagers claimed 7-foot-tall aliens attacked them

Alberino’s report comes after Paranormal Papers reported in August that the Peruvian authorities were investigating disturbing claims of extraterrestrials terrorizing the Ikito tribal communities of the Amazon jungle in the northeast of the country.

The Ikitu (Iquito) people of the Alto Nanay district in the Maynas Province of Loreto Region, northeastern Peru, claimed 7-foot-tall alien entities attacked their communities on multiple occasions.

Some identified the attackers with the Los Pelacaras (face-peelers) cryptids of Peruvian folklore, while others believed they were members of a criminal cartel of organ harvesters.

According to Alberino, the villagers continue to experience attacks from the mysterious assailants and live in a state of fear and heightened vigilance.

Aliens wore body armor resembling Green Goblin from Spider-Man movie

Paranormal Papers reported in December that a 15-year-old girl, Talia, recounted her traumatizing encounter with two “7-foot-tall aliens” who attempted to abduct her (read the details here).

Talia screamed and fought back fiercely. Her assailants fled on hover platforms when armed villagers came to her rescue. Alberino shared a video showing the men discharging their firearms in the dark as the alleged aliens retreated.

Talia suffered laceration wounds to her neck and fell unconscious after her assailants rubbed and injected unknown substances into her body.

The village chief told Alberino that the mysterious attackers wore heavy body armor and helmets resembling the green goblin character from the 2002 Spider-Man movie.

They attacked at night and traveled swiftly through the dark jungle on hovering disc-like devices.

Alleged aliens impervious to bullets and flew in UFOs

The village chief said that the aliens were impervious to gunfire due to the heavy armor they wore. Bullets bounced off them when armed villagers opened fire on them at point-blank range.

The chief claimed the advanced technological gadgets they wielded suggested they were not humans. He believed they were intelligent non-human entities, possibly extraterrestrials.

They stood on hover devices that helped them lift off into the air and fly away silently and swiftly.

Some of the villagers also described an acorn-shaped UFO the aliens operated. It was about the size of a helicopter and flew silently. It seemed to be the product of advanced technology, unlike any conventional human technology.

Police claimed attackers were miners with jetpacks

Government agents who came to investigate the attacks concluded they were members of an illegal mining cartel equipped with jetpacks. They claimed the criminals were trying to scare the villagers off their land.

Alberino described the official narrative as “ridiculous” and a “fabrication.” He said the government did not conduct a thorough investigation and that they knew more than they publicly admitted.

He traveled to Perus after contacting members of the Alto Nanay communities. They issued a formal invitation to visit and investigate. In response, he set up a team consisting of Doug Thornton, a former marine and DHS operator, and Brazilian ethologist Ronnie Vernett.

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